Episode 6

Published on:

12th Mar 2020

6: Ford vs. Ferrari and Free Solo

What do Free Solo rock climber Alex Honnold, Laird Hamilton, Michael Jordan, Ali, and Ken Miles have in common? An unfathomable, unwaivering drive. Also on this episode: the human butt, Diva Cups, Indy 500, horse racing, Kris hates sad endings, and Dan encourages Alex to get a pet.

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Solving Everything
We'll certainly talk about everything - that much we're sure of - and maybe we'll even solve some things too.
Kris Adams (The PodMother), Andrew Nath, and Dan Higgs are three friends who already feel successful just doing a podcast together. We seek and find the meaningful connective tissue in everything from pop culture to formative experiences to The Creative Current of artists and musicians. We offer our views on shared cultural experiences and break down the big picture of sports, Hollywood, pop icons, growing up, showing up, and building meaningful lives and connections. We'll work in original stories and songs too . . and we're just getting started. Along with "Grow" - The PodMother's podcast that started it all, Solving Everything will anchor The Podjectivity Network . . Join us and we'll all see where it goes.

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